5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt an Aspin

February 13, 2023by petpal0

Every kind of dog breed deserves some love! This includes our dear asong pinoys, or for short, aspins, that are pretty much everywhere in the country. Aspins are known to be kind and lovable to their owners. If you have children, they are good with them too. Plus, they are naturally happy, just like us Filipinos! 

Perhaps you’re thinking of adopting an aspin, and to tell you, that is a great move. Considering that many aspin have become askals or asong kalye (dog in the streets or homeless), most of these dogs need a caring home to call their own. 

So, to urge you more, check out these five (5) reasons why you should adopt an aspin!

1. You can count on them to protect your home

Owning an aspin can be less hassle than having any other breed. You don’t have to spoon them every night. They can be your home guardian, protecting your home territory. When everyone in the family is getting cozy and ready for bed, you can count on aspins to be on duty. Aspins have sensitive senses to spot suspicious sounds and people nearby.

2. They are smart 
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It’s always fascinating to pet dogs that can easily be trained. Luckily, aspin is one of the intelligent dog breeds. With most of them surviving in the streets, you can be sure that it is innate to aspin being smart. They are generally independent and can take care of themselves. 

Aspins can easily understand situations and follow instructions, but, of course, through a consistent routine. Aspin can flexibly abide by all your house rules and do their best to make their hooman happy. 

3. Less grooming, less expenses

Here’s another thing that you would surely love about aspins—they are low maintenance. You don’t have to bring them to veterinarians or grooming clinics every week or month to have them groomed. Aspins’ coats are naturally neat at all times, and they don’t like playing in the dirt in the first place. 

With fewer grooming clinic visits, you can save expenses, unlike owning other dog breeds. However, of course, you want to give them a good haircut every once in a while. 

4. Cuddles everywhere 

Although aspins can be your house guardian, they do love cuddles too! Aspins can be very sweet to their owner. As dog lovers, we love to give hugs or kisses to them and rest assured that they would love it every single time. 

You can count on them to be there with you whenever you are down, sick, or not feeling good—in short, every time. Aspins are indeed affectionate cuddle bugs!

5. Can be your couch buddy!

You won’t only find a baby to pet, but you can also find your ultimate best friend to lay beside you on your couch with aspins! 

Unlike any other dogs, aspins don’t mind if you are lazy to walk them outside or do exercise outdoors. They are just happy to be there with you, especially on your couch. Aspins can be your couch buddy, chilling at home watching Netflix while eating a bucket of popcorn.

Many genuine dog lovers would understand that purebred puppies can be appealing to the majority of people. However, they also understand that choosing a dog to pet goes beyond breeds. It is about the kind of relationship they can build with the dog. There are many aspins that need some love and help. We hope these reasons are enough to adopt an aspin today!


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