Cat Breed 101: The Devon Rex

April 5, 2023by petpal7

The Devon Rex cat breed is one of the most peculiar ones out there. It’s a unique-looking cat with features that remind many people of elves and pixies. It’s a whimsical and fun-loving breed with so many interesting things to show, and many pet parents say it’s a great addition to their homes.

So, what makes the Devon Rex such a special cat breed? If you’re planning to get one soon or just want to know more about this beloved breed, read on to learn more!

History and Origin of the Devon Rex
The devon rex is a cutie
Photo by Pixaba


When the Cornish Rex cat was a popular oddity in exhibitions in the UK, the breed was often featured in pictures in newspapers. The Cornish Rex famously has curly coats of fur.

In the late 1950s, Beryl Cox from Buckfastleigh, Devon, saw a photo of these curious cats. She lived near a tin mine with a colony of cats with curly coats, and she also had a kitten named Kirlee with the same curls. 

Breeders initially thought that these cats were related to the Cornish Rex, but breeding them yielded straight-coated kittens. They then determined that the cats were a different breed, which was named Devon Rex, after Kirlee’s birthplace.

Notable Physical Characteristics of the Devon Rex

The Devon Rex has a unique look — it has a distinct slender body with a light build. These cats also have relatively large toes and long, muscular legs. Their ears are remarkably large and sit lower on the sides of their wide heads. They also have slightly upturned noses, giving them an elfish appearance.

The Devon Rex has a short, wavy coat, earning it the moniker of “poodle cat.” Its fur is curly and soft because it has fewer guard hairs than most cats. Like the Cornish Rex, it gets its name from its coat’s resemblance to those of Rex rabbits.

Devon Rex cats also have short whiskers, which are also curly. Often, the whiskers are so curled that the cats don’t appear to have whiskers at all.

Behavior, Temperament, and What to Expect
the devon rex is a playful breed
Photo by Pixabay

The Devon Rex is as mischievous as it looks. It’s a playful and social cat, and it typically loves affection and attention. These cats usually devote their love and attention to one person and will often cuddle and rub up on them. They also like following their pet parents around, meowing and chirping as they attempt to “help” with activities.

Devon Rex cats also love climbing. Their strong legs allow them to leap impressively high, and they love being on the highest possible surface in a room. Many people who live with Devon Rex cats even say that they’re “monkeys in a cat suit.” 

Because of their affectionate nature and love for climbing, Devon Rex cats often love being near the heads of their pet parents. They usually like perching on a person’s shoulders or lying down near their neck.

Devon Rex cats are also intelligent, being able to learn tricks with enough training. However, they can be tricky to motivate.

The fur of the Devon Rex is fragile, so it’s best not to brush it. Instead, wiping it with a soft cloth can take care of its grooming needs.

The Takeaway

The Devon Rex is a cat breed with a distinctly elfish appearance. Its coat is remarkably soft and wavy, and its personality is as whimsical as its looks. It’s a playful, intelligent, and affectionate cat that can surely brighten anyone’s day.


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