Pet Massage: Massages That Your Pup will Love

November 2, 2022by petpal0

Your dog deserves to feel relaxed too!

Whenever we feel sore or stiff, a good massage does the trick. The same goes for dogs. Dog massage therapy can be beneficial to their physical and mental health. If you’re doing it right, a basic dog massage at home will decrease their anxiety and will feel relaxed. Aside from that, the pain that they may feel will be gone, their blood circulation will increase, and is also a great way to bond with them. But if you have an injured dog, it’s better to consult your veterinarian first.

There are several ways to massage your adorable pups and they’ll surely love you more after you do these to them. Here are some of the relaxing pup massages that you can try at home.

Backstroke massage

A simple stroke is a nice way to let your dogs be familiar with the concept of massage. You can do this as often as you want even when sitting or watching the TV. The first thing to do is check if your dog’s in a comfortable state and then gently stroke your dog’s head going down to its spine. Just make sure to not touch the bone. The backstroke massage is a great way to make your dog feel relaxed and less anxious. It also wins their trust.

Ear rub

cute doggie waiting for massage
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An ear rub is what most dogs love. This type of massage is also therapeutic and calming for dogs if done right. To do this, use gentle yet firm pressure and start with the bridge of the nose going up to its head and then reaching the ears. Massage the ears between your finger and thumb toward the tips on both sides.

Neck massage

pug getting some much needed neck massage
Photo from Pixabay

Most dogs have a lot of skin around their neck and most of them love a gentle massage across the neck and their back. But if they’re painful or sore, stop doing it to avoid the dog being agitated. Gently massage the muscles in a circular motion and you can work your way down the back and the legs.

Thigh massage

If you have a senior dog at home, doing this might help them relax since they tend to suffer from immobility issues due to their age. Although you should note that dogs with arthritis should be attended to by veterinarians only, gentle stroking can be done by pet owners to help their muscles feel loose and flexible. 

This type of massage is for your dog’s legs and glutes. You can start by gently pressing your thumbs in the thigh and glute muscles (avoid the bones) then make a circular motion.


According to the Animal Medical Center, an effleurage is a slow rhythmic movement with a light to moderate pressure massage intended for your beloved pup. When the dog is feeling relaxed on the floor, you can start at the back of its neck and do a circular motion similar to figure “8” and incorporate your thumbs with that. Continue doing it until you reach the back and you can move into the limbs. 

Face massage

Dogs tend to use their jaw a lot. They love to bite and eat which is why the muscles around their cheek can sometimes feel sore. If they’re feeling relaxed, gently do the effleurage technique and use your thumb to go around their forehead and eyes. The gentle pressure will make them feel comfortable.

In case you feel any lumps while massaging or notice that they’re in pain, it’s better to contact your veterinarian. But you can do that conveniently through PetPal, the latest online platform designed to help pet owners and pets have easy access to healthcare and medicines. Through PetPal, you can book an online vet consultation, have a seamless offline booking to clinics and vet hospitals near you, and even have medicines and vitamins delivered to your doorstep. 


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