Pet Pee Tips: Easy Ways to Toilet Train Your Dog

October 27, 2022by petpal0

Pee stains on the floor, pee stains on the rug, pee stains on the couch—pee stain everywhere! The smell follows, of course, and no matter how hard you try, your puppy’s masterpiece remains etched in every corner of your home. To be seen, to be smelled. 

Is there no hope for your dog? Thankfully, there is. You need to toilet train them as soon as possible, and we’ve got the best scoop on how to do it successfully:

Photo peeing in the middle of a garden
Photo by Ayla Verschueren on Unsplash

Tip #1: Consistently and Proactively Take Them Out to Pee

The best thing you can do to toilet train your dog is to take them out during specific times of the day. This teaches them to properly hold their pee, helping them remember that there’s a time and place for relieving themselves. You can take them out as follows:

  • After eating or drinking
  • After sleeping
  • During playtime

Thankfully, it won’t be as difficult! Dogs usually need to pee after eating, drinking, and waking up, and it can take 15 to 60 minutes after the activity. You can also prompt them during playtime, which prevents any pee accidents in the house. 

The key here is to have a designated area where they can go. If you open the door to the outside, for instance, it should signal that they need to pee. 

Golden tip: Reward them with treats and pets for doing a good job!

Tip #2: Schedule Their Meal Times

Feeding your puppy proper meal amounts on a consistent schedule means you can control their potty time. Puppies have tiny tummies but need to eat at least three times a day to meet their nutritional needs. On the other hand, older dogs only need to eat twice a day. 

For puppies, you can provide three meals in the morning, afternoon, and then night. For older puppies, two meals can be given in the morning and evening. In doing so, you can anticipate their potty needs and structure them to prevent accidents.

Tip #3: Never Resort to Punishments for Pee Accidents

You want your puppy to trust you, love you, and follow your lead. Punishing them will weaken your bond and affect their potty training. 

They won’t understand why you got angry because of another pee stain on the rug or why you got upset that it took so long for them to pee. In fact, any form of punishment will cause them to look for areas difficult to find—because they’ll want to hide out of fear. 

When you catch them in the act, startle them to hurry them outside. This will let them remember where to pee!

Final Thoughts

Having a puppy requires thought, love, and of course, patience. While it’s normal to feel frustrated and upset after coming home to a pee-stained home, your puppy’s just learning! You’re here to guide and train, for your sake and theirs. When in doubt, remember to keep the tips listed above. 

As you embark on a toilet training journey with your furry companion, remember that you’re not alone! Sign up on PetPal today to get the latest tips, tricks, and resources on everything you need as a pet owner. 


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