Dog Training Techniques: How to Teach Basic Commands

September 7, 2023by Nicole Tengco0

Life is always better with a cute furry companion by your side, but as all fur parents will agree, this means teaching your pets the basic commands. From sit and stay to come, leave, and down, these commands will take your relationship a notch higher and happier.

If done right, dog training can be an enjoyable activity between you and your furry best friend.  Before you know it, you’ve already developed trust and respect while having fun with this bonding experience.

Read on to learn simple yet effective dog training techniques to give you and your four-legged buddy a productive and memorable time!

Solid Start with “Sit”

Before anything else, dogs are usually trained to sit. As the first and one of the easiest commands for fur babies, “sit” lays the groundwork for the next levels of training. This action can also help control your dog outside your home.

To teach your pup to sit, you must hold a treat close to their nose. Ensure that they can easily smell the treat. As you gently move your hand up, your dog’s instinct will be to follow the treat you’re holding. In doing so, they will move to a sitting position. Once seated, say “sit” in a gentle and motivating tone before giving them the treat.

Repeating this action will help your dog learn the “sit” command. Just remember to keep on practicing and always be patient with your furry friend.

Self-Control with “Stay”

To keep your dog well-mannered, consider teaching them to “stay.” This technique can also make them safe around other people.

Start by guiding your dog to a sitting position. Then, hold your hand with palms out in front of them, and say “Stay” in a firm yet gentle voice. Hold their gaze, then step back before returning to them after a few seconds.

If your dog stays in place, reward them with a treat. Continue doing this with lengthened distance and behavior. If they refuse to sit still, start over until they get the trick.

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Call of Companionship with “Come”

If you are fond of bringing your dog outdoors, “come” can be a beneficial command. It can provide potential hazards and help your pet get to you immediately.

Your dog can easily learn this too! Put them on a long leash at holding their gaze while crouching down to their level. Have all the excitement you can muster in your voice, call their name, and follow this by “Come!” Bring a treat or their favorite toy to make them approach you.

Once they arrive, celebrate the act by showering them with affection and belly rubs! Your dog will be able to remember this, and over time, they will associate coming to you when called with positive reinforcements.

Comfort and Calm with “Down”

Not all commands have to involve your dog doing things. You can also teach them to relax and settle down when needed.

To teach “down,” hold a treat near your dog’s nose while they are sitting down. Lower your hand to the ground and ensure they follow the treat. Once they reach a lying position, say “down” and give them the treat. Practice this regularly and notice how your pup calms down if given this command.

The Takeaway

Besides being helpful, dog training can also be a learning journey filled with delight and love. Just remember to be patient and consistent in incorporating these simple yet effective techniques into your training routine. Celebrate your pup’s achievements, and of course, cherish your bonding moments. Happy training!

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