Everything You Need to Know about Doggie Daycare

February 29, 2024by Nicole Tengco0

For busy dog owners, doggie daycare can be a lifesaver. Leaving your dog behind at home alone might be challenging, but doggie daycares provide our furry companions with a social playground while we tackle our daily routines. You might have a few questions like: Would my dog be happy at daycare? How do I know what makes a good doggie daycare facility? This PetPal guide will equip you with the knowledge to confidently select a daycare that tailors to your pup’s unique needs.

everything to know about doggie daycare
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First Things First: Why Doggie Daycare?

Doggie daycare isn’t just a luxury; it offers a multitude of benefits. It combats boredom and separation anxiety, keeping your pup physically and mentally stimulated. Socialization with other dogs hones communication skills and builds confidence. Additionally, it can tire even the most enthusiastic pups, ensuring a calm and cuddly welcome home.

Deciphering the Daycare Landscape

Doggie daycare facilities come in various flavors. Some offer open play areas where pups of all sizes mingle, while others have separate playgroups categorized by age, breed, or temperament. Some even have indoor and outdoor facilities like swimming pools, agility courses, and nap areas. Consider your pup’s personality and preferences when making your choice.

Pricing for doggie daycares may vary but are typically broken up into half-day or full-day care. Some facilities also double as dog hotels for those who plan on having their dogs stay overnight or for a couple of days.

Some doggie daycares offer packages and discounts for multiple pets or weekly passes. It’s important to remember that comfort, safety, and trust are the priority when looking for a doggie daycare and setting your ideal price range.

Spotting the Red Flags

While most doggie daycare facilities prioritize the well-being of their furry guests, vigilance is key. Look for red flags like overcrowding, insufficient supervision, and inadequate hygiene. Unpleasant odors, lack of fresh water, and visible stress among the dogs are indicators of potential trouble.

Make sure that the staff are adequately trained in animal behavior and will treat your pup right. A thorough tour and open communication with the staff are crucial in assessing the daycare’s vibe.

Tailoring the Perfect Fit

1. Temperament Assessment

Most daycares conduct evaluations to ensure your pup’s compatibility with other dogs and the overall environment. Be honest about your dog’s personality and any potential anxieties or aggression.

2. Vaccination Verification

Daycares typically require proof of updated vaccinations like rabies, distemper, and parvovirus to protect all canine guests. So, take a trip to the nearest animal clinic and make sure that your pup’s vaccinations are up to date before enrollment.

3. Trial Runs

Many daycares offer trial visits or half-day sessions for you to observe firsthand how the daycare operates. You can get a sense of whether your dog will be comfortable and whether you will be secure in leaving them behind. To keep your pup a little more comfortable, you can let them bring their favorite toys or treats. You can also shop some high-quality treats with PetPal’s online pet store!

4. Communication is Key

Choose a daycare that encourages open communication. Regular updates on your pup’s day, including playtime highlights and naptime snuggles, can offer invaluable peace of mind.

5. Handling Trouble

How does the staff deal with bad behavior from your pup or other dogs in their care, and do they reward good behavior? It’s important to agree on the treatment of your furry pal.

6. Building Trust

Trust takes time. Consistent visits and positive experiences will solidify your pup’s confidence and enjoyment at daycare. Soon, tail wags and excited barks will greet you at drop-off, signifying a joyful reunion with their newfound playmates and the dedicated daycare staff.


Finding the right doggie daycare is an investment in your pup’s happiness and well-being. By understanding their needs, prioritizing their safety, and choosing a facility that aligns with your values, you can unlock a world of fun for your furry friend. 

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