How to Give Your Pet Bird a Bath: 7 Easy Steps

January 19, 2024by Nicole Tengco0

Birds don’t require a lot of maintenance when it comes to grooming, but they do need a bath every once in a while. Bathing keeps your pet bird’s feathers looking vibrant and promotes good hygiene. It prevents potential skin issues and can be enjoyable for your feathery friend. However, bathing a bird is not as simple as bathing other pets. Here, PetPal will walk you through the steps on how to give your pet bird a bath.

bird taking a bath
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1. Observe What Your Pet Bird Likes

Different birds like different bathing methods. Some feathery friends may enjoy a gentle mist from a spray bottle, while others might want to bathe in a shallow dish of water. It’s crucial to observe your bird’s natural behavior. This can help you choose the best method for bathing it. 

For instance, if your bird likes to dip its feathers in its drinking water, it might enjoy bathing in a shallow dish or “bird bath.”

2. Prepare Your Pet Bird’s Bath

If you’re using a spray bottle, fill it with lukewarm water. The water temperature should be comfortable to the touch — not too hot, and not too cold. If you’re using a dish, ensure the dish is shallow, and the water level is not too deep for your bird. The water should not be deeper than your bird’s chest.

3. Keep the Surroundings Safe, Calm, and Comfortable

Birds can catch a chill quickly, so bathing them in cold rooms may not be the best idea. Keep the room warm and free of strong winds. Make sure nothing can spook your bird and that the lighting and noise levels are appropriate.

Bathing during the day is ideal, as this will keep your bird warm. Your pet bird will also have plenty of time to dry itself off.

4. Introduce Your Bird to the Bath

Don’t go all in too fast; start by gradually introducing your bird to the water. If you have a spray bottle, spray a light mist above the bird so the water gently falls down like rain. If you’re using a dish, you can gently place your bird in the dish. 

Make sure your bird doesn’t feel trapped, and allow it to move away if it shows signs of distress. Forcing your bird to bathe can cause unnecessary stress.

5. Let Your Pet Bird Do Its Thing

Once your bird is comfortable, allow it to splash around at its own pace. Some birds might dip into the water immediately, while others might take their time. 

6. Allow Your Bird to Dry Itself Off

Birds can dry themselves off, so you don’t have to prepare towels for them. Let your pet bird shake off the excess water naturally and preen its feathers. 

7. Clean Up

Once you’re done giving your bird a bath, remember to clean up the area. Wipe down any excess water that might have spilled onto your counter or floor. If you used a dish, empty it, clean it, and put it away.

The Takeaway

Patience is key when giving your bird a bath. It may take several attempts before your bird becomes comfortable with bathing, so never rush the process. Bathing should be a positive experience that contributes to your bird’s overall health.

If you make sure your pets get the best care you can give, it’s best to talk to a vet online. PetPal is here to make the process accessible and convenient. Download the PetPal app from the Play Store or App Store today!

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