Why Your Dog Jumps Up and How to Stop It

February 12, 2024by Nicole Tengco0

Dog parents often find themselves in a pickle when their furry friend insists on jumping up on them or other people. This behavior can be cute when your dog is a small puppy, but as they grow, it can become a serious problem. They can knock things or even people over, and they can even scare those who aren’t used to dogs. So, it’s best to curb this habit early. Fortunately, here at PetPal, we’ll discuss how to stop your dog from jumping too much.

how to stop your dog from jumping up
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Why Do Dogs Jump?

Dogs usually jump as an instinctual way to greet humans. They typically greet each other face-to-face, and their instinct is to do the same with us. Since our faces are much higher than theirs, dogs jump up to reach them.

Dogs also can jump to get our attention. After all, they’re social animals and crave interaction with us. When they jump up, we often give them our attention, even if it’s negative, like a reprimand. To the dog, any interaction, good or bad, is better than being ignored.

Another reason dogs jump up is excitement. When you come home after being away, for instance, your dog may become super excited to see you. And once they do, they can’t contain themselves and jump up to express their joy.

How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping Up

Now that we know some possible reasons your dog may jump up, here are tips to stop this habit:

1. Ignore the Behavior

One of the most effective ways to stop your dog from jumping up is to ignore the behavior entirely. When your dog jumps up, it’s best to turn your back and don’t give them any attention. This tells your dog that jumping up gets them the opposite of what they want: your attention. Eventually, they’ll likely learn to stop jumping up altogether.

2. Use Positive Reinforcement

Reward your dog when they greet people without jumping. When your dog keeps their paws on the ground, give them a treat or a pet with some praise. This will show them that this is the correct behavior. Over time, your dog will associate not jumping with positive rewards and will be less likely to jump up.

3. Teach Your Dog to Sit

Another great way to stop your dog from jumping up is to teach them how to sit on command. Train your pup to sit every time they greet you or other people. This will not only keep them from jumping up but also teach them a useful command.

4. Use a Leash

If your dog tends to jump up on people when you’re out for a walk, keeping them on a leash can help control this behavior. When someone goes near you, you can keep your dog by your side and prevent them from jumping up.

5. Seek Professional Help

If you’ve tried everything and your dog still jumps a lot, consider seeking help from a professional. A dog trainer or vet can provide training plans and techniques to help curb your dog’s jumping behavior. Schedule an online consultation with a vet today to seek guidance.

The Takeaway

It’s crucial to be patient and consistent when training your dog not to jump up. It won’t happen overnight, and your dog will need plenty of practice to learn new rules. With persistence, love, and the occasional treats, you can help your dog understand that jumping up is not the best way to greet people. 

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