Pet Teleconsultation: 5 Ways It’s Helpful for Pet Owners

October 27, 2022by petpal0

Veterinary teleconsultation is here to stay and grow.

If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s that there are things and practices we can do more efficiently. Gone are the days when you have to manually purchase things since everything is now accessible online. The same goes for medical consultation – whether it be for humans or pets, reaching out to specialists is now made easy.

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There are several advantages to using teleconsultation services for pets. If you’re still having second thoughts about pet teleconsultation, this list of things that are beneficial to you and your pet might ease your mind. 

1. Convenience

Studies have shown that several pets aren’t receiving regular veterinary care, making them more prone to avoidable diseases. Other pet owners have difficulty finding time to bring their furry best friend to a clinic or hospital due to scarce appointments and a lack of nearby vets. 

With pet teleconsultation, you’ll have access to veterinarians even though you live in a rural area. You’ll also get proper and accurate diagnoses via an online consultation with accredited doctors instead of googling and finding answers from faux experts who didn’t earn a degree or training in veterinary medicine. 

Also, in just a few clicks with online teleconsultation platforms like PetPal, the latest in the country, your access to healthcare and medicine is met without having the need to step out of your house. The convenience brought by having this platform in your hands will lessen your anxiety and also your pet who needs medical attention. Doctors will also advise on when it’s really necessary to bring your pets to a hospital.

2. Better health assessment

Contrary to beliefs, veterinarians can also check on your pets even without meeting you and your pet in person. More millennials and pet owners are taking advantage of the benefits of living in a modern and digital world and it’s the same for veterinarians. With online consultation, vets can have an accurate health assessment by using online and the latest tools to monitor pets’ health. They can also give better assessment by observing your pet’s home environment and your ability to navigate first aid at home. 

Pet teleconsultation can improve your follow-up consultation, and conveniently answer your questions about your pet’s behavior anytime. To add, this is also an opportunity for both veterinarians and pet owners to have an innovative service.

3. Lower cost
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When we welcomed our pets into our lives, we knew that it would somehow put a dent in our budget. Aside from their needs at home, it’s important to have regular check-ups with the vet. It reduces out-of-pocket costs and also medical overhead costs for veterinarians. Without the need of commuting or drive, pet teleconsultation appointments typically cost less than personal visits to clinics.

With easy access to pet teleconsultation, you’ll also develop a doctor-patient relationship and have round-the-clock access to specialists and medicines without spending too much.

4. Reduced exposure to diseases

Spending hours-long in the clinic or hospital’s waiting room along with other patients can contribute to the spread of airborne diseases and flu. With pet consultations, it’ll save you from being exposed to health threats. 

5. Easy access to medicines

Having an online pet teleconsultation platform like PetPal can help you avoid stress and anxiety. Whenever you need to purchase medicines or vitamins for your pet, you can just easily order and they’ll have this delivered to your home. Records of your pets are kept intact and will keep you organized and on track for your pet’s next vet session.

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