Why Shih Tzu Is the Most Popular Dog in the Philippines

January 19, 2024by Nicole Tengco0

Ask your friends what kind of dogs they own, and there’s a good chance you’ll come across someone who says they have a Shih Tzu. And the numbers back that up. According to a study by HouseholdQuotes, the Shih Tzu is the most popular dog in the Philippines. In fact, it’s the most popular breed in this country alone and nowhere else! While most other countries prefer Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers, we stand out as the number one fans of Shih Tzus.

So, how has this small companion dog won the hearts of many Filipino pet lovers? What makes it special? PetPal has done the homework for you, so let’s dig into some possible reasons the Shih Tzu is the most popular dog breed in the Philippines!

shih tzu most popular dog in the philippines
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Shih Tzus are Fun-Sized Pups

One possible reason the Shih Tzu is a Filipino-favorite dog breed is that it’s a small dog. Shih Tzus are typically between 9 and 16 pounds, which makes them easy to carry around and cuddle. 

This small size is especially important in the Philippines, where many people live in smaller spaces, like apartments or condos. A Shih Tzu fits perfectly in these homes. They’re easy to manage, and they don’t need as much space to run and play as bigger dogs do.

They’re Fluffy But Can Take the Heat

While their flat faces, round heads, and big, beady eyes are unmistakably cute, there’s no denying that the long, thick coats of Shih Tzus make them all the more adorable and regal-looking. This makes them an attractive addition to any Filipino home. 

And you might think the warm, tropical weather in the Philippines would be tough for a Shih Tzu, given its fluffy fur. But surprisingly, Shih Tzus handle the heat pretty well. Their fur actually helps protect them from the sun, and their small size means they don’t overheat as quickly as larger dogs might. 

Shih Tzus also don’t shed as much as other fluffy dog breeds, which can be a plus for people with allergies or those who prefer not sweeping the floor around the house every few hours. Although they require regular grooming and brushing to avoid matting, many Filipinos find this a relaxing way to bond with their furry friends!

Shih Tzus are Friendly and Affectionate

Filipinos are known for their warm and friendly nature, and Shih Tzus fit right in with our culture. These dogs love to be around people! They enjoy playing, cuddling, and spending time with their pet parents. They’re also good with kids and other pets, making them a welcome addition to any family. 

Shih Tzus Make Great Companions for Life

Shih Tzus are also known for their long lifespan. They can live up to 15 years or even longer with good care. This means that when you get a Shih Tzu, you’re getting a companion for many years to come. 

The Takeaway

So there you have it! The Shih Tzu’s small size, ability to handle the heat, friendly nature, and long lifespan all make them a top choice for pet owners in the Philippines. It’s clear why they’ve won the hearts of so many of us. 

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