Dog Breed 101: The Siberian Husky

January 22, 2023by petpal0

Considering Siberian Husky as a pet? Here’s a little fun fact about them! The Siberian Husky breed was originally raised in Siberia by the Chuckchi people, who treat them as companions. From there, they were brought to Alaska in 1900 to participate in sled dog races. Siberian Husky then became consistent winners of such races. Not just in competitions, but they will surely win your heart, too! 

Aside from their historical background, What makes the Siberian Husky different than other dog breeds?  Let’s know their common appearance, personality, ideal environment, and unique ways of taking care of them. 

Common appearance
The Siberian Husky
Photo from Pexel

Nothing describes the Siberian Husky’s appearance more than the word “striking.” They would hold your gaze with bright, piercing, almond-shaped eyes that range from amber, blue, and brown. Amazingly, they could have bi-eyes, meaning having two different eye colors—one brown eye and one blue—or parti-eyed, half-brown and half-blue eyes. 

Their faces are white and distinguished by an elongated snout. Plus, they also have an alert-focused expression. At first glance, a Siberian Husky dog can be striking to approach but wait until you see their smile and roll their tongue! 

Moreover, the Siberian Husky has a two-layered insulated coat that can provide great cold protection for them. It is straight and thick on the outside while, at the same time, short and downy soft underneath. Their coats have various colors, such as red, gray, black, and snow white. There are also coats that have pattered in variations of black-and-white, gray-and-white, and red-and-white. 


Generally, Siberian Huskies are intelligent and independent while a bit stubborn, too! They love having human company that gives them care and attention. During their puppyhood, it is better to have firm and gentle training to establish their habits and personality. Also, they tend to be so friendly with people, especially with children.

Siberian Huskies are great with other dogs, most especially with those who they grew up with. They have a high prey drive and usually may chase cats and livestock—this is their playfulness! 

Ideal environment
The siberian husky likes cool environments
Photo from Pexel

Although they were developed in harsh conditions, Siberian Huskies are easy to take care of. But be mindful that they need constant physical activities as they can be obese if they consume too much food. Siberian Huskies are dog bred for running, so they need a good run at least one to three times a week. Also, they can live up until 14 years of age. 

During their puppyhood, it is good for Siberian Huskies to be exposed to positive training and socialization. This is for them to have human interaction at an early age. They can also be diggers and chewers when left alone, or surely they will give the neighbors a lovely howling concert. 

Taking care of Siberian Husky

So, how do you take care of them? Siberian Husky can technically clean themselves, and like other dogs, you don’t need to bathe them every day or every week, just a few times a year. You also don’t have to brush Siberian Huskies regularly; however, they shed quite a bit in a year and extra more annually. Those that are living in warmer climates need occasional brushing, but you need to brush them daily when the fur is really flying. You can also use a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for Siberian Husky. 

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