5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Adopting a Dog

November 12, 2022by petpal0

Adopting a dog should be for life. The moment you choose to welcome them into your home, you commit yourself to ensure their happiness, safety, and of course, fulfillment. Most dogs can only live up to a minimum of ten years, so it’s up to you to make their time worthwhile. 

But how do you make sure you’re making the right choice? Between your financial standing, career, and overall life disposition, how do you know if it’s the proper time to welcome a pet dog into your home? 

A little introspection can never hurt, so here are some essential questions to ask yourself:

Question #1: “Why do I want to adopt a dog?”
an adorable adopted dog
Photo by Pexels

From all the cute posts we see on social media, it’s impossible not to want a dog companion by your side! Their quirky antics, personalities, and loyalty make even the toughest men swoon—bonus points for their adorable puppy eyes.

But besides all the surface benefits, it’s important to ask why you want a dog. If you’ve always wanted a fluffy and loyal best friend, then you should definitely adopt one. Don’t give into the pressures you see among your peers and social media—being a dog owner won’t always be smiles and rainbows!

Question #2: “What should I expect from this relationship?

Like us human beings, dogs have different personalities, temperaments, and dispositions. 

Rescuing senior animals, in particular, come with special needs you might need to consider. They may have come from abusive owners, so they’ll require more patience than usual. Adopting puppies, on the other hand, can be noisy and incredibly clingy. 

You also need to consider how affectionate they can be, the level of energy they may require, aloofness tendencies, and even playfulness. All these factors can dictate your expectations, which can help you decide which dog is for you—and whether you should get one in the first place.

Question #3: “Am I willing to commit?”
adopted dog happy at her forever home
Photo by Pexels

Do you enjoy peace after a long day at work? Or do you like hanging out with friends, out for a drink on a Friday night? Perhaps you live in a high-rise condo with just enough space for your necessities. Your career may also force you always to be on the go, so you allow circumstances to direct your life.

Adopting a dog is a commitment that relies on your career, lifestyle, and how much time you can spend with your new companion. If any of the above resonates with you, you may need to think things over!

Question #4: “Can I afford the care?”

Having a dog means never-ending expenses! If you like traveling, you need to purchase a crate or harness. You also need to set aside a budget for both professional and at-home grooming. 

And since you just can’t get enough of their cuteness, you will need to spoil them as much as you can with toys, treats, dog training, and even clothes! But more importantly, you need to take good care of their health. Medicine, check-ups, and special diet restrictions all add up, so you need to be financially ready to meet their needs.

Question #5: “What happens during emergencies?”

Emergencies are inevitable. Your job may force you to work hours due to heavy workloads or perhaps require you to travel for business meetings. Or, you may get sick and need to spend the night in the emergency room.

When such things happen, who takes care of your dog when you’re away? This is especially tricky when you live alone, so have an emergency plan ready. 

The Takeaway
adorable adopted dog
Photo by Pexels

You may be filled with nothing but love and excitement at the prospect of adopting the dog, but the right intentions must be balanced out with responsibility. Dog adoption shouldn’t be done impulsively, so read through the questions again and think carefully! Consider all aspects of your life—your dog will love you unconditionally, and as should you. 

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