Traveling With a Cat: Essentials and How to Prepare

March 5, 2024by Nicole Tengco0

Cats typically love being in their own familiar space, so a cat isn’t typically the first thing you’ll think of when you’re looking for a travel companion. However, traveling with a cat is a great way to spend some time together and bring some enrichment to their nine lives.

With some careful planning, you can make traveling with your cat a stress-free experience. So, PetPal is here to help you learn what you should bring and how to prepare for your journey.

Essentials to Bring When Traveling with a Cat

Before your travel, it’s important to ensure your cat is healthy and fit for the journey. Schedule a home vet visit to check your cat’s health status and discuss potential concerns you may have about traveling with your cat. 

After your vet has given you the go signal, check if you have the following essentials:

1. A Suitable-Sized Carrier

A secure and comfortable pet carrier is a must when traveling with a cat, as you wouldn’t want your feline friend to run and climb around freely. Your cat’s carrier should be spacious enough for your cat to move around and have proper ventilation.

2. ID Tags

Ensure your cat has identification tags on their collar with your contact information in case they get separated from you.

3. Food and Water

Your cat might get hungry or thirsty during travel, so bring enough food and water for your cat’s needs, and don’t forget to bring feeding bowls

4. Litter and Litter Box

Bring a litter box and enough litter for the duration of your trip, as your cat may need the toilet during travel breaks and while at your destination.

5. Blankets, Bed, and Toys

Bring some familiar items for your cat, such as their blankets, bed, and toys, to help them feel more comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. And if you don’t have a high-quality pet bed yet, browse PetPal’s online pet store to get some professionally handpicked products for your cat’s needs!

6. Grooming Supplies

Your cat may get messy or need some freshening up when you go out. Bring a brush and any other pet grooming supplies (such as pet wipes) that your cat may need to keep them clean and comfortable during the trip.

7. First Aid Kit

No matter how you’re traveling, it’s important to be prepared for emergencies. Bring a first-aid kit for your cat, and have a list of emergency vet clinics along your route or near your destination. 

Traveling with Your Cat by Car

When traveling with your cat in a car, keep your cat in the carrier at all times. This will prevent them from roaming around the car, which can be dangerous. Also, never leave your cat alone in the car! Even if the weather doesn’t seem too hot, the inside of your car will heat up quickly and cause heatstroke.

During breaks, offer your cat a bit of food and water and give them a chance to use the litter box.

Traveling with Your Cat by Plane

Air travel can be stressful for cats, but you can make the experience more comfortable. Always check with the airline about their pet policies — most airlines require cats to be transported in the cargo hold.

For flights where your cat has to be in the cargo hold, make sure to label the carrier with your contact information and a note stating “Live Animal.” It’s also best to feed your cat before loading, as it can get messy if you leave food inside the carrier.

The Takeaway

While traveling with a cat requires a bit of planning and preparation, it can be a rewarding experience. By taking the time to ensure your cat’s comfort and safety, you can enjoy your journey together. 

If you’re looking for an online pet store that can supply you with some of your furry pal’s travel essentials, PetPal is here for you. Our e-commerce platform has a wide array of vet-approved products that you’ll need. Download the PetPal app from the Play Store or App Store, and add some goodies to your cart today!

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