Dog breed 101: The Yorkshire Terrier

December 14, 2022by petpal0

The cute Yorkshire Terrier is one of the great small breeds to pet! Ironically, they have a huge character. There are absolutely no dull moments with Yorkshire Terriers. This dog breed is more than its size! Let’s get to know some interesting facts about Yorkies! 

Yorkies are nicknamed “The Tomboy Toy”


Well, if you have not heard, the Yorkshire Terriers have the nickname “the tomboy toy.” They have spunky personalities, which is why they are even called tomboys. 

Plus, Yorkies have the trademark of strong confidence and courage that give them the appearance of vigor and self-importance. With these characteristics, the Yorkshire Terriers do well at everything from dog sports, such as agility or therapy work; and they are great as travel companions, too!

The Yorkshire Terrier’s coat’s texture is the same as human hair
yorkshire terriers are cuties!
Photo by Pexels

The Yorkshire Terriers naturally have long, flowing, and silky coat which is apparently similar to human hair. Their coat is one of their beautiful features; however, this is incredibly time-consuming to take care of. 

As Yorkies’ hair is similar to human hair, it can tangle up into knots when you don’t brush it every day. Also, it actually breaks easily when you brush them and don’t groom them regularly. 

The good side is that Yorkies don’t have an undercoat, so their coat does not shed any more compared to your hair. A lot of breeders suggest Yorkie owners have them in a puppy cut—short hair, which is easy to maintain. 

Yorkies’ personality

If you are thinking of having a Yorkshire Terrier, be prepared for their energetic and feisty personality. They can be domineering, too! But, of course, they are affectionate and love attention. This breed is perfect for you if you want to dote on a dog.

Yorkies are also excellent watchdogs for your house. But watch out for children, as Yorkies can be a bit snappy on them when they are not respectfully or gently handled. They can also be aggressive when they see other small animals, but generally, Yorkies can also live quietly and peacefully with house dogs and cats. 

Ideal environment 
yorkshire terriers are no fuss pups
Photo by Pexels

The Yorkshire Terriers are great in apartments, considering their small size and low-allergen coat. However, they are a little guarded, so whenever they hear noises, they may react to them. 

So, the perfect and ideal environment for them is those spaces with plenty of mental stimulation. Also, you can try to give them proper socialization and training to prevent this. 

Yorkies don’t generally need that large space and only need moderate exercise. But, don’t forget that they still need access to outdoor space for walks and playtime, keeping them active. Also, take note that they are sensitive to cold, so let them wear coats. 

Yorkies and their owners 

If you are that pet owner who is always in the city and doesn’t mind occasionally carrying a small dog around, the Yorkshire Terriers are perfect for you. With their small nature, you can easily carry them everywhere. You can have Yorkies as your new playmates as they are naturally inquisitive, similar to other dog breeds in the Terrier group. 

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