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Home Grooming Tips for Your Dog

Grooming your dog is a great way to keep your and your pup’s happiness and health at its peak. Grooming ensures that your dog looks good and helps prevent skin problems, infections, and in some cases, injuries. But grooming goes beyond aesthetics alone; it is vital to your dog’s overall well-being. Here are some home...

Our Favorite Dog Nail Cutters Ranked

Trimming your dog’s nails is part of your job as a responsible pet parent. Although many dogs don’t enjoy getting their nails cut, it’s necessary for their health, hygiene, and overall quality of life. After all, long nails make it harder for them to walk comfortably, and they’re also susceptible to breakage and other injuries.

How to Trim Your Cat’s Nails

Ah, yes. Nail-trimming: a step in grooming that’s commonly unpreferred among cat owners. But PetPal is here to reassure you that cutting your cat’s nails doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! That with the right attitude and tool, you can even end up with a cat that not only tolerates but enjoys their little...

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