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Best Dog Hotels in Metro Manila

As a dog owner, part of planning a trip away from home or even just a quick afternoon out is making arrangements about who will look after your furbaby. After all, not everyone is able to find a reliable dog-sitter.  Luckily, a number of dog hotels have emerged in recent years to offer trustworthy boarding...

Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

We get it; puppies are adorable. With their youthful playfulness and the excitement of watching them grow older, why they get easily adopted is a no-brainer. But before you make your decision, here are a few reasons why you should consider adopting a senior dog! 

Cat Breed 101: The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian cat, sometimes referred to as the Aby, is a unique breed that has a lot to offer. It has a distinctive coat of fur that anyone can recognize, and it’s easy to see the appeal in this breed. It also has earned a reputation for being intelligent and sociable, making it even more...

Cat Breed 101: The Birman

The Birman, sometimes referred to as the “Sacred Cat of Burma,” is an adorable cat that will make anyone love it at first sight. With long hair, a large body, and big, beady eyes, this cute cat breed is a wonderful pet to have. Although it’s a relatively obscure breed with a mysterious history, it’s...

Cat Breed 101: The Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair cat breed is sometimes referred to as the “lazy man’s Persian.” It’s similar to Persian cats in many ways, but it has a shorter coat and is generally more active. Because of its shorter fur, numerous pet parents consider it a relatively low-maintenance cat with an eye-catching appearance. If you’re planning to...

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