5 Best Dog Parks in Metro Manila

July 1, 2023by Nicole Tengco0

If you live in Metro Manila, chances are you reside in a small apartment or condominium with limited space for your dog to frolic and have fun. Dogs are innately social and energetic creatures – they need a space to run, play, and socialize. 

Luckily, Metro Manila has several dog parks with a safe and enjoyable environment for dogs and owners. These dog parks provide ample space and recreational facilities for dogs to have fun and maintain daily physical activity. They also offer opportunities for socialization with other dogs. If you’re planning a day out with your pup, read on and discover the best dog parks in Metro Manila!

1. BGC Central Bark

BGC Central Bark

Located on 24th Street, Bonifacio Global City, in Taguig, Central Bark is a 600-sqm dog haven in the middle of a busy city. For only P100, you and your dog can enjoy the entire park for a whole day. 

The off-leash dog park lets your pup loose, run around, and socialize. Moreover, some obstacle courses are set up to help your dogs learn new tricks. Trained pet rangers are in the park to assist you in supervising your dog. 

2. Jaime Velasquez Park

Best dog park for small dogs in Metro Manila

The dog park at Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village is among the most frequently visited in Makati City due to its accessibility. It is near the condominiums, hotels, and apartments in the Central Business District of Makati. 

This dog park is divided into two sections, one for small dogs and another for medium to big dogs. It is a safety feature that many owners commend because it gives those with small dogs the feeling of security, knowing there’s less chance for big dogs to engage roughly with their little pups. 

3. Eastwood City Dog Park

Eastwood City Dog Parks in Quezon City

Eastwood City in Quezon City offers outdoor and indoor dog parks named Bark Central and Bark Park. The dog parks are off-leash, allowing your pups to run freely and interact casually with other nearby dogs.

The parks are well-designed, with spacious fenced areas, agility equipment for dogs, and benches for dog owners. Eastwood City regularly hosts events and activities, including free obedience training and doggie playdates, to encourage dog owners to bring their furry friends to the dog park. 

4. Hachi Park

Hachi Park

This dog park is a tribute to the famous dog Hachiko, an Akita who patiently waited in Japan’s Shibuya Station every day for his owner’s return, even after his death. Located in Quezon City’s Circulo Verde, Hachi Park features a large fenced area with obstacles and agility equipment for dogs to enjoy. 

The park also has a dogging swimming pool, water stations, and shaded areas for owners and dogs to relax throughout the day. Overall, this dog park provides an all-inclusive recreational experience for our furry friends.

5. The BarkYard

Dog parks in Ayala Malls

The BarkYard is a dog park spread across different locations in Metro Manila, situated within Ayala Malls. It offers agility courses and obstacles for dogs to run through and learn new tricks. The dog park also has seasonal activities, like pet meetups and play dates. With BarkYard conveniently located inside shopping malls, owners can easily squeeze in their errands before or after their dog’s playtime. 


Physical activity and socialization matter to dogs. While they are young, we want our pups to experience as much of the world as possible, so exploring and having fun doesn’t feel too scary. When planning a day out with your dog in Metro Manila, don’t forget to take note of the mentioned dog parks above for the best facilities and socialization opportunities.

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