What To Know Before Taking Care of a Hedgehog

June 27, 2023by Roselle Espina0

I heard you want an adorable pet. Well, a hedgehog can be for you! With their cute little noses and charming tiny paws, you will definitely love to pet them every day! 

Sure, they may be small, but these cute spiky balls are extraordinary when it comes to their intelligence and emotions. Plus, if you want to listen to distinct snuffling and grunting noises from a little creature to keep your stress away, hedgehogs got you. 

But before you get a hedgehog, you need to be aware of its unique qualities! 

  1. The hedgehogs’ spikes: can they hurt when touched? 

Yes! However, you can get away from their tiny spike fury when you learn the proper way of holding them. 

Hedgehogs are known to have prickly spines. Their back is covered in a thick layer of spikes known as quills. In fact, hedgehogs have between 3,000 to 5,000 quills covering their backs.

  1. What about the moods of hedgehogs? 

Hedgehogs are emotional creatures. They have more complex emotions than most people think. Regular people may not actually understand them as they communicate with their body movements. 

These spiky pets have a few movements to release their emotions. For example, hedgehogs may curl into a ball and use their quills when they are frightened. In fact, they use their spike to protect their soft face and belly! 

  1. Meal times are easy-peasy with hedgehogs! 

Hedgehogs won’t take up too much of your time and mental energy just to feed them. These tiny animals are quite low maintenance!

You can easily give them food, and they will start munching while making noises! Selecting food for hedgehogs can get tricky, though. You need to choose which snacks are good for them, which may include fruits, vegetables, insects, and the like. 

So, yes, hedgehogs love to snack! 

Image from Unsplash
  1. Hedgehogs can accompany you when you pull an all-nighter! 

With hedgehogs as your pet, you get a little emotional support when you get lonely at night or try to finish some work. Plus, they will not annoy you or bother you! You know, they will be minding their business—eating!

Hedgehogs are nocturnal, meaning they are pretty active at night and snoozing during the day. However, know that each hedgehog is different, but most of them will be active around your dinner time and start their days.

  1. What are the noises hedgehogs make? 

Hedgehogs have different noises, and each means something different. Once you get to know your pet hedgehog, you will start to understand what each sound means. 

Some may hiss and snort when they feel grumpy one day, while some may snuffle if they are engaged and exploring their environment. Hedgehogs may often make a low purring sound when they feel happy or content.

  1. Are hedgehogs smart? 

Similar to a hamster, hedgehogs’ intelligence and certain behaviors may be improved through positive reinforcement or conditioning but only at a very basic level.

One thing is for sure about hedgehogs is that they are known to be very communicative, especially to their needs. 

Hedgehogs as good pets

Before having a hedgehog as your additional family member, it is essential for you to do your research about the species, age, and some other characteristics. Some hedgehog breeds are accustomed to certain lifestyles and routines. 

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