Cat Breed 101: The Ragdoll

February 8, 2023by petpal0

With such a unique and interesting name, the Ragdoll is a cat breed that’s hard to ignore. Although the moniker may seem unassuming, the Ragdoll looks as elegant as a cat can get. Their docile and almost dog-like nature makes them great family pets, too!

In this article, we’ll discuss some essential things you must know about this interesting cat breed—whether you’re planning to take one home or have one already. Read on to learn more about their origin and quirky behaviors!

History and Origin of the Ragdoll
Photo by Pexels

The Ragdoll is a fairly young cat breed, with its origins just dating back to California in the 1960s. Cat breeder Ann Baker developed the first Ragdolls by breeding her female Persian/Angora cat called Josephine with several Birman/Burmese-like males. 

Josephine the cat gave birth to kittens with rather unusual behaviors—they were calm, affectionate, and acted almost limp when picked up. This placid tendency was passed down from generation to generation and eventually earned these cats the name “Ragdoll.”

All Ragdolls nowadays are descendants of Josephine the cat, as Ann Baker had trademarked the name. The breed is now especially popular in the US and UK.

Notable Physical Characteristics of the Ragdoll

The Ragdoll cat breed is among the largest of domesticated breeds, with fully grown individuals weighing from 8 to 20 pounds (3.6–9.1 kg). They take their time when growing—it takes up to four years for them to reach their mature size. 

Ragdolls have broad heads with flat tops, bulky bodies, and short necks. They have long, bushy tails, and their eyes are big, round, and blue. 

Their long coats of fur are rather unusual, as they consist mainly of long guard hairs instead of having a dense undercoat like many other breeds. This may lead to less shedding, but they’re not hypoallergenic.

Behavior, Temperament, and What to Expect
Photo from Pexels

As we’ve mentioned above, Ragdolls have the unique tendency to go limp when picked up, earning them the moniker. They’re generally calm and great around humans and other pets. Also, they’re smart cats that enjoy playing with humans.

Ragdolls have single coats that make the fur less prone to matting, but it’s best to brush your cat almost daily to prevent tangles. 

The Takeaway

Ragdoll cats are popular for many reasons, such as their distinctly calm demeanor and long, silky coats. They’re great family pets and can be an amazing addition to your loving home!

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