Dry Shampoo vs. Wet Shampoo: What You Need to Know

November 5, 2022by petpal0

We all know that our pets couldn’t care less if they stink or not, but as responsible pet owners, proper hygiene should be part of their usual routine.

Bathing them can also be a form of building trust and relationships because while some pets love a bath, others are like toddlers who’d scream and be messy.

When picking which shampoo to use, you should know that there’s the traditional wet shampoo that needs water for rinsing and the dry shampoo. If you aren’t familiar with it or still thinking of which one to use, read along. 

What are wet shampoos?
Dog getting a bath
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Human shampoos and pet shampoos are different but serve the same purpose. However, human skin and that of our pets are different in terms of pH levels so avoid using human shampoos on your pets. 

Wet shampoos for pets are used for cleansing to avoid infections, parasites, and other stressors that can cause illness to our pets. It is also worth spending extra bucks for a shampoo designed for your pet’s specific needs.

When picking a wet shampoo, you should make sure that the formulation is intended for your pet’s use. Also choose mild, hypoallergenic, toxin-free, and soap-free to avoid stripping natural oils in your pet’s coat. You should also watch out for shampoos with artificial fragrances that can cause an allergic reaction. Overall, grab and lather this shampoo to keep your pet clean.

What are dry shampoos?
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On the other hand, dry shampoos are also known as no-rinse shampoos or waterless shampoos. It is also a specifically formulated cleaning product intended for cleansing but without the need to rinse your pet. It removes dirt, excess oil, and deodorizes your furbaby. 

How it works

Dry shampoos have powders in the shampoo to clump the oil and dirt so it would make it easy for you to brush the dirt out. However, this isn’t meant to replace bathing. You should still bathe your pet and dry shampoos can only be used between those baths. 

Like people, they are still supposed to remove dirt through showering but if you’re running out of time, dry shampoos are a great alternative. They’re also best used for pets that dislike water so this way, you can ease your way to cleaning them.

Dry shampoos are also useful for pets that are too immobile to get into the bathroom, for traveling, for cleaning their paws after a long walk, and for itchy pets that need instant relief. 

Just like buying regular pet shampoos, shopping for a dry shampoo for pets will require thorough research. First, you should check out the ingredient list and make sure that the shampoo’s made with natural and pet-friendly ingredients. Avoid products with harsh chemicals like parabens, alcohol, and artificial fragrances.

Another thing to consider is the skin type of your pet. The shampoo should be compatible with your furbaby’s needs and if they ever have sensitive skin, opt for dry shampoos that are mild and fragrance-free. Dry shampoos come in different forms: sprays, gels, powders, and foams so make sure that you can tolerate cleansing your pet with this type of product as they often leave some residue. 

Whatever you choose, wet and dry shampoos are essential to maintain your pet’s hygiene. 

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