Dog Breed 101: The Corgi

January 12, 2023by petpal0

Owning a corgi is easy as they can be a really low-maintenance house dog. They are a good source of cuteness every day with their smile and size! Your home will surely become even more colorful with corgis running around.

Two distinct breeds of Corgis
pembroke welsh corgi
Photo from Unsplash

There are two distinct types of Welsh Corgis, such as the Pembroke Welsh Corgis and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. These two come from different ancestors and only acquire a similar look because of their crossbreeding in the 19th century. 

Common appearance

The Pembroke Corgis naturally have their tails docked and pointy ears, while the Cardigan Welsh Corgis possess longer fox-like tales and more rounded ears. In terms of their colors, the Pembroke Corgis have a short coat that is usually red, sable, or tricolor combined with white markings. 

On the other hand, the Cardigan Corgis have a medium-length coat which can include the color black, blue merle, brindle, red, and sable, in addition to their white areas. Generally, corgis have thick coats that you must take care of through regular grooming more than once weekly. Plus, they shed a lot sometimes. 

corgis smile a lot
Photo by Unsplash

Before getting a corgi, you must know that they really smile a lot! Their smile is so infectious that it can make your entire day. Corgis love to spend time with their hoomans and relieve their stress by playing with them. 

But, in order to have that kind of personality, they require constant exercise or running. To be more particular in the type of corgi breed, the Cardigan is kind of more stubborn and a clown. Then, the Pembrokes are a much more serious type. 


With their high intelligence, corgis are an extremely trainable breed. Plus, they love attention and are a bit of a people-pleaser, so training them is a piece of cake! But, at the same time, they can be that cute little bossy and independent dogs; hence, it is advisable to be firm and patient with them as always. 

Like other dog breeds, corgis need leash training at an early age. Socialization training is needed as well to prevent having issues with human and other dogs interaction when they get older. Then, you can have them undergo general obedience training afterward. 

More types of dog training can also be helpful for corgis, especially for them to have barking control in your command and let go of things when they bite them. You can basically train them to stop biting things by simply playing tug of war—teaching when to release when they play with a toy. 

Owning a corgi

Now, can you handle a corgi by yourself? Well, of course, yes! Corgis are like babies who are friendly, outgoing, and smart. They can sense your mood and make you feel better, helping you with your mental health. With their exceptional affection, corgis can really do well with your family. 

You can bring them along with your travel and adventures, as they love to walk and run in the woods or take rides in your car. No wonder why Queen Elizabeth II had at least 30 corgis throughout her life. 

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