5 Ways to Give Your Dogs Medicine

January 11, 2023by petpal0

Pet parents have a lot of responsibilities. Aside from providing our beloved animal companions with their basic needs, we also must supervise their health. One of the most crucial aspects of pet healthcare is providing them with vet-prescribed medications when they’re sick.

Dog getting medicine
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Any pet parent who has dealt with a sick pet can tell you that giving medications to a stubborn dog is not the easiest task; most of the time, you have to use multiple tactics just to get the medicine to go down. 

In this article, we’ll tackle five ways to help you administer medicine to your dog and ensure it gets better sooner!

Let Your Pup Take It with a Treat
dog getting a treat with medicine
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One of the easiest ways to get your dog to take its medications is to hide it in food. You have many options to choose from, such as cooked sweet potatoes, canned dog food, or a small piece of bread with some dog-safe peanut butter. It’s best to hand-feed your pup instead of just leaving the food in its bowl or on the floor to make sure that it swallows the medication. After all, some dogs can be quite sneaky!

This technique works best for dogs that quickly chow down on their food without chewing it well. If your pup chews the food, it may taste the medicine and spit it out.

Use a Pill Device

If you want to skip the games, you may want to opt for a more straightforward approach—just place the pill deep inside your dog’s mouth so it can swallow the medication readily. However, this can be challenging and risky to do. Your dog may accidentally bite your fingers and warrant a doctor’s visit, which can be pricier than a vet visit. 

You may use a pill device to administer the medication safely and place it at the back of your dog’s tongue. After doing so, stroke its throat gently downward to coax its swallowing reflex.

Use a Syringe for Liquid Medications

If you need to get your dog to take liquid medications, you may be tempted to mix them with food or water. However, it doesn’t guarantee that your dog will consume it all without noticing; it may even avoid the dish because of the unpleasant taste. The best way to administer liquid medications to your dog is with a syringe.

To get your dog to take the medicine, place the syringe’s tip behind your dog’s canine tooth (fang) and angle it slightly toward your dog’s throat.

Call a Friend or Family Member

Sometimes, all you need is an extra set of hands. Get someone to help you out with either restraining your pup or administering the medicine. Doing this is best if you have a particularly large or stubborn dog.

Get Your Vet to Demonstrate It
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If you need a bit more guidance, you can visit your vet and ask them to demonstrate how to administer your pup’s medication the right way.

The Takeaway

Giving medications to your dog can be challenging, but it always pays to be patient with it. Always follow your vet’s advice and finish the prescription to ensure that your beloved pal gets better quickly. Keep these tips in mind as you give your dog the care it needs!

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