Vaccinating Your Dogs: Why It’s a Must

July 14, 2023by Roselle Espina1

No doubt, dogs give fun and joy to us as their hoomans! We have heard about dogs saving people in the news or seen TikTok videos of dogs waiting in front of the door for hours for their owner to come back. So, how do we return this undying love from them? 

It’s easy! The best way to reciprocate your dog’s love for you is by taking care of them. Proper feeding, playing outside or at home, and even securing health protocols like vaccination are just a few things you need to tick off on your give-love-back list! 

Vaccinating your dogs is a life-and-death kind of task for pawrents. Obviously, the main reason for the vaccination is for your dog to prevent having diseases, but there are more angles to it than you think. We have listed down the best benefits and reasons for you to vaccinate your dogs. Check out the following: 

Vaccines build the immune system of your dogs 

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At a young age, it is advisable to have your dog vaccinated. Note that the younger the dog, the higher the risk for them to have serious diseases. The reason behind this is that your dog’s immune system has not been fully established and developed yet. Hence, vaccines can help in protecting them against any disease as a pup. 

When your dog continues to grow up, their immunity strengthens with the help of vaccines. Vaccines can boost your dog’s body by creating additional antibodies needed to fight off anything that carries a disease.

Generally, your puppy requires vaccination in a series when they are about four (4) months old. Meaning you may need to return every three (3) or four (4) weeks to have another vaccination in the cycle.

Your dog can build a strong immune system against a deadly contagious disease in two (2) primary ways, such as: 

  • Natural exposure — your dog’s immune system may consider the virus as a foreign invader, which would enable their body to make specific antibodies to attack and neutralize the invasion. However, the foreign pathogen can also reverse the effect. Your dog’s immune system can have no response or create a delayed response, making your dog ill.
  • Vaccination — in general, vaccines contain a small portion of inactivated viruses. Basically, in immune system studies, this small portion of foreign substance in the body can cause the development of antibodies without the simultaneous threat of disease. 

Then, when your pet is later naturally exposed to a certain virus, their immune system can easily recognize it and responds immediately. 

Vaccinating your dog means you comply with the law

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If you are not yet convinced, here’s another reason to have your dog vaccinated. You need to follow the law. In some countries like the Philippines, dog vaccination is mandatory as per the local government authority. 

Even if your dog is usually at home, you must keep in mind that they also might sneak outside and get diseases or harm other animal pets as well. In some instances where you need to travel with your dog, vaccination cards or certificates must be presented. 

Vaccinated dogs can keep the pet community safe

One of the joys of owning a dog is you get to meet new people who have pets, too, building connections and friendships. You get to attend meetups and events with other pet owners, which means your dog also meets other dogs as well. 

Hence, for the sake of building a safe pet community, vaccinating your dog can prevent the spread of any serious diseases. The truth is that there is a huge chance that your pet could make other animals sick unless you vaccinate them. 

Also, some dog parks require that the pet must be vaccinated. So, if you can’t resist the fear of missing out (FOMO), then it is best to have your pet vaccinated. 

On the other hand, you can also ask other pet owners if their dogs are vaccinated before you allow your dog to mingle with them. There’s nothing wrong with being a vaccination advocate! You may just save a dog’s life!

Dog vaccination can prevent costly medical bills

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Owning a dog can be quite expensive. You have to think of their food, veterinarian fees, toys, grooming fees, and more.  While a pet emergency fund is a must, as you have something to use anytime, dog vaccinations are also a great investment to save money down the line.

Though vaccines are not that cheap, it is still less costly compared to your medical bills when your dog is in and out of the veterinarian clinic. Or if your dog has medical maintenance or treatment that you need to pay for. 

Dog vaccination can keep you safe

Good health is a must for your dog, but also for you, too! Vaccinating your dog can also mean that you protect yourself from acquiring diseases from animals. 

Vaccinating your four-legged friends can protect you and your family against germs, illnesses, and even diseases that are often carried by pets.

Vaccines can extend your pet’s life

It’s not only about lifespan but also about healthspan! Your dog may be able to survive illness and disease, but they may suffer lifelong effects well after their recovery. It may never be the same as before! 

Puppies may develop poorly, leading to weakness, pain, and inability to thrive. Additionally, dogs with a history of chronic illness may have weaker immune systems. 

What vaccinations are recommended for your dog?

The best way to know more about dog vaccinations is through your veterinarian, as it may be based on your pet’s lifestyle. Some factors will be considered, such as exposure to other animals, indoors versus outdoors, and time spent traveling or boarding. 

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