What Your Dog’s Breed Says About You

October 30, 2022by petpal2

People say a dog is a man’s best friend—indeed! Typically, we are drawn into befriending people with the same personality as ours. Guess what? This also applies to choosing what kind of dog breed to pet. 

Research shows that people are drawn to certain breeds because they share the same personality. All dogs are heaven-sent, but there will be that one dog breed that you feel more connected with and love to pet. So, what does your dog’s breed say about you? 


Don’t be surprised when you see a lot of poodle owners in museums!

adorable poodle staring at human
Photo by Pixabay

Poodles are known for their intelligence. They give that sophisticated vibe when you bring them outside with you. As a dog owner of a poodle, you tend to be elegant like them; and you enjoy arts and culture in general. Plus, you love traveling because, with their size, you can easily put them in your car and snuggle throughout your trip. 

Golden Retriever

“I think we should go outside and have fun!”

golden retriever adult dog
Photo by Pixabay

Do you love to go outside and meet with friends? Because golden retrievers are playful, friendly, and affectionate! As their dog owner, you probably love going out and having new and interesting friends to hang out with. You either have a family with kids or want to have one in the future because golden retrievers are good with kids!

Siberian Husky

You are always up for adventures!

siberian husky
Photo by Pixabay

Sports is really your thing! Siberian husky owners are huge sports fans who love to watch games in a local pub or in the comfort of their homes while eating popcorn. You love any outdoor sport where you can bring your beloved Siberian husky. 

Shih Tzu

A friend group without a Shih Tzu owner is dull!

siberian husky
Photo by Pixabay

Owning a Shih Tzu tells us that you are friendly and non-judgmental, considering this dog’s nature of being perky and happy at all times. Also, you are really loved by your friends and are great confidants with your enjoyable and calm auras. 


You are that friend who jokes a lot!

adorable pug
Photo by Pixabay

You have a good sense of humor and are probably always the class clown who gives laughter to the group. Pug owners can be really cheerful and have a zest for living a happy life. You love to cuddle and be comfy all day. Plus, you find your dog’s breathing problem funny!


Curiosity makes you happy!

Photo by Pixabay

Aside from their prominent droopy ears, beagles are naturally inquisitive, loyal, and curious about their surroundings. Having a beagle dog says you are open to new experiences and willful, just like them. You are a good friend and willing to listen to different stories and experiences. 


You are probably the life of the party!

Photo by Pixabay

Socializing is fun for you, pomeranian dog owners! You love to socialize and be playful at all times. You are charming and very easy to get along with different people, even if you just met them at an event or a party. You also bring your pom-pom anywhere you go. 

Dog breeds have their own unique characteristics, but all of them are naturally lovable and loyal to their hoomans! So regardless of who you are, they will always accept and give you their cute little gestures, especially when you give them delicious treats. 

Dogs love to cuddle, play, and make you feel good, as they also can sense your emotions and moods. Some even adopt your own personality to connect with you! That is how they become a man’s greatest best friend. 



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    June 9, 2023 at 12:51 pm

    Agree with Shih Tzu!


  • Marylyn Gaspar

    June 9, 2023 at 12:52 pm

    Also agree with Golden Retriever!


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