Cat Care 101: Choosing the Perfect Cat Litter

October 29, 2022by petpal0

Thinking of switching to another type of cat litter? Or a first-time cat owner who doesn’t know what cat litter to buy? We’ve got you, pawrents!

For first-timers, cat litter is basically an essential supply when you pet a cat. Whenever cats pee or poop, they use cat litter to bury those. And the best thing about it? Cats know it instinctively! You don’t need to train them. 

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Okay, now let’s go to choosing a cat litter. The thing is—there are a lot of cat litter brands anywhere you go. It can be really overwhelming for cat owners to identify which is best for their pets. Here, we listed cats’ common preferences and how the majority of cat owners choose which one to buy. 

What do cats like? 

Cats are different in their little ways, including their cat litter preferences! However, some studies have shown that our cat pets do have a “universal” choice. So, what do cats really like? 

1. Smaller or fine litter particles are the best!

As cats were originally desert-dwelling animals before they entered our homes, they liked the small to fine litter particles similar to how they buried their waste in the sand. This is opposite to the usual cat litter in our homes which is pellet and crystal-type ones. Also, smaller litter particles are good for your cat’s paws. Imagine you walking on a rocky beach; it hurts and is uncomfortable on your feet, right? 

2. Odor-free means problem-free. 

Are you thinking of getting that flowery-scented or chocolate-smelled cat litter? Well, better think twice! When it comes to the smell of cat litter, cats prefer those that are unscented. Their sense of smell is fine-tuned and even more sensitive than some dog breeds. 

What do most cat owners like?
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Now that you know cats love unscented and fine litter, how about what works for most of cat owners? In choosing cat litter, you should also consider the things that would be better for you as you manage your pet. Here are some of the things to consider when buying cat litter: 

1. Can absorb the smell. 

We all know that you love your pet, but who in their right mind loves the odor of a cat’s pee and poop? Most cat owners prefer to buy those cat litter that can absorb odor from cat wastes. When choosing cat litter, you must check if it has baking soda or activated charcoal as its ingredients or even claims that it can absorb odors.  

2. Fast and hard clumping 

As most cat owners are busy with their lives and do not have all the time in there for their cats, they love those that are fast and hard clumping. Cat owners like cat litter that are easy to scoop out and clean. It is less of a hassle and minimal mess, too!

3. Low dust 

As much as possible, cat owners buy cat litter that can’t be a problem with their furniture, floors, and electronics. So, they like to buy those that can’t be dusty to things, especially if they have a family member who has asthma. Plus, those low dusty cat litter can protect against any possible lung problems for your cat, too!

With this guide and factors to consider in buying cat litter, we hope you find the most suited one for you and your cat! 

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