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Cat Breed 101: The Devon Rex

The Devon Rex cat breed is one of the most peculiar ones out there. It’s a unique-looking cat with features that remind many people of elves and pixies. It’s a whimsical and fun-loving breed with so many interesting things to show, and many pet parents say it’s a great addition to their homes.

How to Keep Dogs Cool During the Summer

Are you excited about the upcoming summer? All the vacation trips at the beach and restaurant hopping with the heat are really promising, especially when you do this with your beloved dog! If you are considering bringing your dog with your summer adventures, don’t double-think, as there are ways to keep them cool during the...

Cat Breed 101: The Scottish Fold

Have you ever seen a cat with floppy ears? If not, then you’ll be amazed by the Scottish Fold. This cat breed is unmistakable because of its signature look: folded ears that give it an owl-like appearance. It’s also known as the “lop-eared” cat because of this unusual trait. 

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