Paw Care: Why You Need to Think About It

October 29, 2022by petpal0

Let’s talk about paws! 

cute cat showing off her paws
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Some pet owners neglect paw care as they think paws are not that much to be concerned about. But let me stop you there because paws are important, just like our human feet! 

Our pets use their paws to walk, jump, run, and do whatever they want to move their position to another; hence, caring for their paws is as essential as grooming. 

Also, pets’ paws are used as sound and shock absorbers so that you will not hear anything when they jump and land and your pets are not in pain. This is because their paws are composed of fatty tissues, which are the cutest thing ever for us!

Check these tips on how to take care of your pet’s paws! 

Check your pet’s paws regularly. 

house dog giving hooman a high five
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When you cuddle and do playtime with your pets, you can casually check their paws to see whether there are small foreign objects in there, such as pebbles, weeds, thorns, or bits of glass— these can get stuck up in their paws that may hurt them, whether for cats, dogs, or rabbits. 

Clean your pet’s paws. 

Sometimes we want to bring playtime with our pets outside to change the environment. However, this can really make their paws dirty! So cleaning them after can be really great practice for you to take care of their paws. If you neglect cleaning their paws, they will eventually develop allergies, like irritations, burns, and dry skin. 

Use a mild and gentle soap or wash to clean their paws. 

Your pet’s tiny paws can be prone to getting dirty all the time because, unlike us, they don’t wear any footwear wherever they go. So, cleaning can be frequent, but be sure to use mild and gentle soap since their paws can be that sensitive, especially for dogs. Then, you should use lukewarm water to rinse their paws to maintain moisture.

Intense licking is a bad thing!

Generally, our pets groom themselves by licking their body. They also lick us to show their affection. However, their intense licking can be a sign of an underlying illness. 

For dog owners, your dog’s intense licking can be a sign of some health issues like injuries, allergies, dermatitis, or worse, parasites. They can be in pain, too!

On the other hand, if your cat is intensely and constantly licking, you may want to have them checked by your veterinarian. There may be a hidden medical issue or an allergy as well.

Your rabbit’s excessive licking can be a sign of boredom; however, this is also a sign of some health issues.

Moisturize your pet’s paws. 

Just like our skin, your pets need moisturizing, too! Most especially when their paws are dry because they may crack and bleed. Ask your veterinarian for the right brands of moisturizers or creams for your dog or cat. You can try using coconut oil on their paws if you want natural alternatives. 

Don’t make your pets walk on hot pavement. 

When walking on hot pavement or asphalt, your pet’s paws may burn and break. They will feel extreme pain when they walk on the hot ground, so you can try to check it first by placing your hand on the floor before making them step on it if you are unsure. 

You can also opt to buy cute little boots for your dogs or cats so they can walk during summertime! 


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