Top 5 Dog Instagram Accounts in the Philippines

December 27, 2022by petpal0

Does seeing dogs on Instagram bring you instant happiness? If yes, you are definitely not the only one. Welcome to the #doggram!

For sure, whenever you see an adorable video on Instagram, you may giggle and watch in awe. It is not really surprising as all dogs are cute living creatures and will always make our day after a long day at work! So, following dog Instagram accounts can be a good source of happiness! Of course, aside from petting your dog at home. 

To help you get that everyday boost of happy hormones, we have listed the top five (5) dog IG accounts that are based in the Philippines! You will surely love every post their owner makes!

1. Paningning Dog


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A post shared by Paningning (@therealpaningning)

Remember that one relatable dog who went trending in 2020? That is Paningning! During our hardest times in lockdown, Paningning made us all happy just by sleeping on its back! Because why not? Paningning was the “entire mood” during the pandemic, no wonder why it gained much love and attention! 

Paningning became an instant dog celebrity in the Philippines after that. The dog even widened its audience internationally, as Paningning was featured by Woof Woof—a media/news company particular to animals with over 9 million followers on Facebook. 

This Shih Tzu is a ball of joy for all of us! Thanks to Paningning’s owner for sharing more photos and videos! You may follow Paningning on Instagram: @therealpaningning

2. Nimbus Cloud Dog 


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A post shared by Nimbus (@nimbus_cloud_dog)

Next is no other than Nimbus! You would love every single photo and video of Nimbus on Instagram. This dog is surely much more photogenic than most of us. Its smile and how it skips can definitely melt your heart!

This teacup Maltese has solid white fur and cries like a baby every time it does not get what it wants—but don’t get it wrong, Nimbus is a good boy! Follow Nimbus on Instagram: @nimus_cloud_dog

3. Cal Doggo


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A post shared by Calcifer Dante Pendragon (@cal.doggo)

Calcifer Dante Pendragon, or in short, Cal, is the ultimate celebrity love team turned ex-couple’s dog. And yes, I’m referring to Nadine Lustre and James Reid! 

This Welsh Corgi became a dog celebrity like its pawrents! We usually see Cal on Nadine’s or James’ Instagram posts, especially when they were dating. 

Cal is more than a celebrity’s pet. It has a sweet and playful character that gave him a good following on Instagram. To follow Cal dog, check out @cal.doggo

4. Charlie Götterdämmerung Dog

Bulldogs have been stereotyped as ferocious, aggressive, and dangerous, but in reality, they can be the most loving and sweetest dog breed, just like Charlie! 

Charlie is an English Bulldog who enjoys playing outside with his friends. He is a dog ambassador and has been continuously making his followers happy with his cute poses and everyday dog life updates! Better check out Charlie on Instagram at @iamcharliegotterdammerung

5. Panpan and Popoy Dog


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A post shared by Panpan💗Popoy (@panpanlovespopoy)

Panpan is the white dog with droopy gray ears, while Popoy is the gray dog grinning. These two are inseparable adorable dogs! Their Instagram account is filled with dog product recommendations for other pawrents out there!

Check out their Instagram account to satisfy your dog fever! Here: @panpanlovespopoy

Following cute dog Instagram accounts can surely give you a smile on your face! With their cute tails and huge smiles, you may become one of their Instagram fans!

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